Wake Up

Wake Up

Can’t blame nobody when you’re wrong
can’t blame nobody when it takes too long
don’t put nobody in control
you gotta pay back what you owe now soon enough

Can’t blame nobody when you’re cold
don’t blame nobody that you’re getting old
can’t spend your money when it’s done
can’t live for ever better use it to have some fun

Now every book’s got different pages
and every page got different lines
you gotta work to get those wages
you gotta live before you die
Because the clock keeps ticking and turning
and every day’s got a different night
so if you can’t keep the fire burning
and your heart’s gone cold inside

Wake up! Wake up!
Get up! Turn the music up!

Mama and papa let ‘em go
those role models getting way too old
conscious collision ain’t wrong
you gotta break it all down,
before they can grow up

Don’t need permission to evolve
no competition in how much trouble you got
always somebody hurting more
anticipation got you strung out wanting it all

Featuring Phil Manzanera – Guitar