If This Is Love

If This Is Love

If this is love why do I resist
the feelings of one so sensitive
if this is love where’s the violins
so I know this is where it all begins
If this is love shouldn’t there be more
moonlight walks on a distant shore
if this is love should my mouth be dry
or at least could I be a little shy

But there’s no trace of what we base all this on
with no hidden cost to pay
maybe it makes some sense 
invade me with interest
more than just to undress again
If this is love

If this is good why am I unsure
if it’s enough why am I wanting more
could I be wrong made my worst mistake
and given what wasn’t mine to take

So in the absence of another burning cross
screaming that we cannot be saved
I’ll move purposely towards uncertainly 
and set this victim free again
If this is love

If there’s no luck only destiny
then am I stuck with what this seems to be
if there’s a list could they check it now
and see if I’ve been misspelt somehow
Or is this love

Featuring Tony Remy – Guitar