Carpe Afternoon

Carpe Afternoon

Lunchtime’s never early but it’s alright 
breakfast may be late but there’s still daylight 
making deadlines can focus the mind
but I love the way they sound
when they fly by

Carpe afternoon, no rush at all
too late to seize the day
but there’s another one coming soon
life’s a carnival full of jokers and fools
why play the game
Carpe afternoon 

Don’t worry about those missed calls
they can ring back 
The early bird eats the worm
well you can keep that
They say 8 hours is all the rest that we need
But I say any less than 12 isn’t healthy

Make it slow-mo, good things take time 
Wait and you’ll know
When it’s time to fly

Duet with Sarah-Jane Morris – Vocals
Brass arranged by Steve Sidwell
Steve Sidwell – Trumpet
Jamie Talbot – Saxophone